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What are the advantages of using PVC / vinyl sheet pilings for my seawall or bulkhead?
Wood walls will eventually rot.  Cement walls will eventually settle and crack.  Vinyl sheet piling will not rust, will not rot and is resistant to the organisms and insects that feast on wooden walls.  Vinyl seawalls also offer a very clean look with basically no-maintenance!  Your Shoreline Vinyl Bulkhead will provide a long-lasting solution to your shoreline erosion problems.
How long will my new vinyl seawall last?
It will last a very long time.  Our line of vinyl seawall material is warranted for 50 years.  Our sheets are produced using co-extrusion technology and we use a 100% virgin, fully UV protected compound on the outer layer of the sheet.  Our warranty is second to none and provides full replacement value of the sheets (not a depreciated/pro-rated value) as well as reimbursement of reasonable labor costs.  We have the best, easiest to understand warranty in the business (with no fine print).  Click Here to View Our Warranty
What about UV Protection?

Our vinyl seawall sheets are produced using co-extrusion technology.  This method uses 100% virgin, fully UV protected compound on the outer layer of the sheet.  The QUV testing of our products establishes the highest standard of UV protection and fade resistance.  All vinyl products that are to be used in outdoor exposed applications require protective additives that inhibit surface fading and impact strength reduction (embrittlement) caused by ultra violet degradation.  All of our PVC/vinyl extruded products contain optimum levels of titanium dioxide (TiO2) to offer exceptional protection against fading and UV degradation; therefore, all of our products are strong, tested, fully UV stabilized yet still very competitively priced.

How are vinyl seawalls installed?

There are many different ways to install a new vinyl seawall.  The vinyl sheet pilings can be jetted, driven, vibrated, hammered, pushed or trenched and filled.  Marine contractors and engineers often choose the method or combination of methods best suited for the project based on its access, the soil types, and the length/weight of the panels necessary.

What about a cap for my vinyl sheets?

There are many different ways to cap a vinyl seawall.  Pressure treated lumber is the most popular and cost effective material for capping a vinyl wall.  A combination of PT lumber for the vertical members and composite decking for the top pieces is very popular as well.  Cement is commonly used for a cap in certain parts of the country.  An aluminum cap is an option as well.   Eastern Metal Supply is one of the largest and most reputable suppliers of aluminum caps, docks, gangways and other products.   http://www.easternmetal.com/dock_and_seawall_systems-seawall_caps_and_sleeves.html    

Can I get my sheets a custom length?
YES... Although we stock mostly in two foot increments, all of our vinyl sheet piling profiles can be extruded any length at the exact length you need (in 6" increments) for no additional cost. At Shoreline Plastics, LLC there is never a charge to break bundles or extrude to a custom length.
Where can I buy Shoreline Product?

Our vinyl sheet piling products can be found locally through selected distributors and we also sell factory-direct.  You can reach our sales department by calling 850-893-5199 for a quote or through our online store located at: www.BuyShorelineOnline.com

How do I get my order?

No job is too big or too small and we ship orders all over the county as well as internationally.  We will be happy to obtain a freight quote for you at no cost.  To obtain a free freight quote, please email us the products you would like as well as your delivery location's zip code.  Please be sure and specify if the delivery address will be a "residential" or a "commercial" address.  A commercial address will likely save between $40 and $100 dollars on the total freight cost.

If you prefer, orders can also be picked up by appointment at our plant location and will be loaded onto your truck or trailer at no charge.  We send both semi-trucks full of vinyl as well as small pick-up trucks with small loads out weekly.  If you need an international shipment, your exporter can deliver the flat rack or container to our facility and we will load it.  Please call 904-696-2981 in advance to setup an appointment for an order pick-up.  We look forward to meeting you.

How do I compare the different profiles and shapes from various manufactures?
You obtain strength in PVC sheet piling through the combination of the PVC's chemical make-up/compound, the profile's shape, wall thickness, and the depth of the profile's corrugation.  Please note that the material thickness is only part of the equation, the raw material's tensile strength, as well as the profile's general shape (depth & degree of corrugation angles) also factor into assessing a section of sheet pile's strength.  The Section Modulus directly relates to the shape only, the allowable moment takes into account the shape as well as the strength of the material.  Here is a quick PDF reference of various sheets currently on the market sorted by "Allowable Moment":  THE SHORELINE DIMENSIONAL COMPARISON GUIDE
What if a different companies vinyl is specified by an engineer for my project?
Your engineer can contact us directly to obtain any information they may need in order to make a determination on which of our profiles will meet or exceed the current product that may be listed or specified for your project, or we can place you in contact with engineers who are already familiar with our profiles.   
Click to View:
Are all of the vinyl products Shoreline manufactures tested?

Yes.  The PVC material used in our vinyl sheet piling complies with ASTM standards.  In addition our PVC compound must meet NSF standards and is tested by NSF throughout the year.  Shoreline has a rigorous in-house quality control testing procedure.  Additionally, our vinyl sheet piling profiles have been subjected to third party testing by an  independent test lab.  We have an ISO 9000 certified facility verify the compound that we manufacture at our facility, their procedure includes several unannounced verification visits per year and includes verification of origination of all source materials used in our compound and compound analysis to confirm ingredient levels.  All of our various and rigorous QUV testing of our compound and products establishes the highest standard of impact as well as UV fade resistance.  All of our products are strong, tested, fully UV stabilized yet still very competitively priced.

Does Shoreline manufacture its own vinyl products?
Yes.  The owners of Shoreline Plastics LLC have over 80 years of combined experience (three generations) with both mono and co-extrusion of quality vinyl products for demanding applications. They have developed a high-volume, low-overhead facility where state of the art equipment converts rail delivered bulk materials into a finished product with the utmost efficiency.  Due to the high volume of various PVC products we extrude in-house, we do not need to purchase recycled scrap material from outside vendors; therefore, we know exactly what goes into every piece of seawall ensuring it's chemical make-up is correct.

Shoreline Plastics, LLC relocated into a newly acquired manufacturing facility in 2010.  Shoreline purchased a 41,000 sq ft tilt-wall building on 4.5 acres, on rail close to Jacksonville International Airport and sea shipping terminal.  Access to the port was critical to the growth in their export markets.  The new facility was needed to accommodate their state of the art 50+ million pounds per year compounding equipment and 3 new production lines.  The increased paved outside storage was also required to handle the growth of their seawall business.

Give us a call and schedule a tour of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.  We enjoy meeting our customers and you will leave impressed.

What is Shoreline's best selling vinyl profile?

Our SLP-700 is currently our most popular vinyl sheet piling profile.

Is Shoreline Plastics Vinyl Sheet Piling approved for large federal projects and comply with the US Army Corps of Engineers Interim Report?

Yes.  In late 2010, Shoreline Plastics became the only PVC sheet piling manufacture to currently own the necessary multi-million dollar equipment to blend bulk-purchased raw resins into virgin PVC compound.  We also have the ability to both mono and co-extrude all of our vinyl sheet piling profiles.

The USACE study was completed back in 2005 and studies various PVC properties and production methods of the four main US producers at the time.  In fact, Some of the  PVC seawall profiles featured in the USACE study are still being manufactured by Shoreline Plastics. 
Click Here to View: US Army Corps Interim Report, General Design Guide: PVC Sheet Piling

Are the Shoreline vinyl sheet piling panels currently mono or co-extruded?

Our sheets are produced using co-extrusion technology and we use a 100% virgin, fully UV protected compound on the outer layer of the sheet.  Prior to 2008 we were using mainly co-extrusion, but starting in summer of 2008 and up until August 2011 Shoreline profiles were mono-extruded.  Due to increases in resin and other raw material prices, Shoreline Plastics began co-extruded vinyl sheet piling profiles again.  Shoreline Plastics has the tooling and can offer both co-extrusion and mono extrusion extrusion methods on all of our seawall profiles.  Which method is selected or is most popular during a particular period of time depends mainly on the current raw material prices and desired surface color.  Both our Mono and Co-Extruded products offer the same 50 year warranty, the best in the business.

Mono-extruded vs. Co-extruded manufacturing process?  What is the difference? Does it matter?

There are currently four major players in the vinyl extrusion sheet piling industry.  Shoreline Plastics possesses the necessary tooling and is currently the only company who can offer both mono and co-extruded vinyl sheet piling products.  Both co-extrusion and mono-extrusion processes can produce a high quality seawall profile if done correctly and reliable material is used.   

Mono-extrusion is the process whereby the seawall profile is made from one homogenous compound that provides all the necessary UV protection, strength and color requirements throughout the entire thickness of the product.  Material cost is higher, but production is slightly easier and quicker.  With mono-extrusion the TiO2 (UV stabilizer) as well as the pigment (additive for desired sheet color) must exist throughout the entire thickness of the sheet; therefore, particular colors can be more costly to make.

Co-extrusion is a process whereby lower cost or recycled material can be extruded into the main body of the seawall profile and a higher cost "virgin" compound is extruded in a thin layer by a second extruder to coat the outside of the profile.  This thin, "virgin" layer provides the necessary UV protection as well as the desired pigment/colored coating to the outside of the finished product.  Co-extrusion is an acceptable method of extruding vinyl sheet piling assuming the "virgin" UV-protection and pigment layer is applied properly at the correct thickness, otherwise fading and "UV streaking" can occur.

Why are Shoreline Vinyl Bulkheads often more affordable than the competition?

Shoreline Plastics manufacturers seawall material in Jacksonville, Florida from a high-quality PVC compound that meets or exceeds the high impact and UV protected standards that the marine seawall industry demands.  We also have the necessary tooling and the ability to both mono and co-extrude all of our seawall profiles based on current raw material prices and particular project demands.  Shoreline is the only vinyl sheet piling manufacture who currently owns in-house the necessary multi-million dollar equipment to blend bulk-purchased raw resins into virgin PVC compound.  We have the material blender, five 18' x 48' high storage silos which hold 1/4 million pounds each of raw material as well as one 12' x 50' mixing silo which can mix 135,000 pounds of raw material.  We own our building and we own all of our equipment.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW SOME PHOTOS OF OUR PLANT (bottom of page) 

With over 1.3 million pounds (approx. 7 rail car loads) of storage capacity, Shoreline takes advantage of volume buying on high-quality raw materials at rail car quantities from independent, competitively-priced vendors.  Therefore, Shoreline purchases raw resin and all of the additional required ingredients such as TiO2 for UV Stabilization, Impact Modifier, Process Stabilizer, Filler, Pigment, etc and blends it all into PVC compound specifically formulated to provide the utmost structurally sound and UV-protected product.   With the ability in-house to blend raw resin into PVC compound, Shoreline is able to save the significant margin outside vendors are normally able to capture and pass the savings onto our customers.  We also eliminate a lot of freight cost by turning raw resin into the finished product all in one location.

We simply spend our dollars on our facility and our product, not on over-priced marketing campaigns, numerous outside sales reps, etc.  We are exclusively in the vinyl extruding business and extrude various vinyl products besides just sheet piling.  We place a fair margin per pound on all of the products we extrude, therefore; we are able to manufacturer a high-quality product and offer it directly to you at a very fair price.  The owners of Shoreline Plastics, LLC have been mono (since 1969) and co-extruding (since 1980's) extruding all different types of vinyl products (sheet piling, PVC pipe, CPVC pipe, fence, railing, high-impact well and mine pipe, fire sprinkler pipe, pallet components, etc) and have over 80 years of combined experience (three generations) and know how to extrude a very high-quality, strong product at the utmost efficiency.  Do not let unprofessional sales tactics from our competition make you believe that our products are inferior in anyway.  We simply have more years of PVC extrusion experience and do not have the overhead of our competition; therefore, we can offer a superior sheet for less dollars.


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